KamplarSL / DE-SL 01 / International Youth Camp Kamp Ayrıntıları

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Kamp Kodu / Kamp Adı :DE-SL 01 / International Youth Camp

Kamp Durumu :Başvuru Gönderilemez

Tarih Aralığı :29 Temmuz 2017 / 06 Ağustos 2017

Ülke / Konum :DEU / Bavaria

İş :Culture, Sports projects

Yaş Aralığı :13 - 17

Kullanılan Diller :ENG

Katılım Ücreti :225 Euro Ekstra ücret 375 Euro toplam 600 EURO

Proje Özeti :The International Youth Camp (International Jugendlager) organized by one of the most essential youth organizations in Germany is taking place for the 52nd time in 2017, with young people from Germany, Algeria, Czech Republic, Morocco, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey. Every year, 250 young people of the ages 16-22 participate in this camp which takes place in a different school in a different region of southern Germany. In these schools, most of the camp activities take place besides satisfying the young people’s needs of accommodation, eating, bathrooms. The classrooms are transferred to nice dorms and each participant is given a pillow, blanket and cover set. Meals are taken from the school cafeteria.

İş Tanımı :During the camp, you can participate in generous cultural, artistic, social and sportive activities; visit the cities and towns nearby. Also, the groups from different countries organize special nights introducing their countries everyday and the evenings are very enjoyable in the camp.
You can participate in the sports contests, cultural, social and artistic workshops, camp Olympics (basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, swimming etc.) and see different shows.

Konaklama ve Yemek :Volunteers will stay in an empty school building with sleeping bag and mats. Toilet and shower will be within the same building as well.

Food will be prepared by the organizers and they may need volunteer's help to facilitate the process.

Notlar :A leader from GSM will take the group in Ataturk Airport in İstanbul and will supervise the group during the entire camp. Our leader leave the group after the camp ends and volunteers safely arrive in Ataturk Airport.

Services included in the fee:

-Transfer from the airport in Germany
-Full board accommodation
-Travel health insurance
-All of the camp activities

Services not included in the fee:
-Round-trip plane tickets to Germany (There will be a grant application for this project. If the application is accepted, every volunteer will have 250 EURO of reimbursement for their international ticket. If not, volunteers will be expected to cover their international travel)
-Visa fee
-Departure fee